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1.    All classes unless stated as 'OPEN CLASS' are for Garden Club Members only. Open Class entries must be                           submitted on an entry form.

2.    Entry Forms must be submitted with applicable fees by the Tuesday prior to each show. It is advisable to keep a copy             for reference.

3.    Only one exhibit may be entered in each class unless otherwise stated.

4.    Exhibitors may only be admitted to the hall before 2.30pm on show days if judges have left and the Show Secretary             agrees it.

5.    Judges decisions are final, but if there is a dispute or objection exhibitors must declare it before 3 pm.

6.    Floral Art entries will not be judged if any part of the display is outside the specified measurements. Accessories are               allowed unless otherwise stated but the judge will give points for skilful use of natural materials as a priority.

7.    Vegetables and cut flowers must be grown by the exhibitor ; Floral Art or food entries must be the competitor's own               work.

8.    Exhibits and prize cards may not be removed until after the presentation of prizes and the show has finished. Prize               money may then be claimed by presenting your prize cards.

9.    Exhibitors are responsible for removing their exhibits from the hall.

10.  Exhibits must be prepared prior to showing or on tables provided in the hall.

11.  All exhibits and personal property will be at the competitor's own risk.

12.  Exhibitors must have finished staging entries and left the hall by 12 pm on Spring Exhibition day, and 10.30 am on             Summer Show day.

13.  Cut flowers should be displayed in the vases provided unless otherwise stated.

14.  Cups and shields won in the previous year must be returned to the Show Secretary in clean condition by the beginning         of March / July.



SPRING SHOW:    Friday 27th March 2020..... 7pm to 8pm

                                       Saturday 28th March 2020..... 9am to 12pm

SUMMER SHOW: Friday 14th August 2020....  6.30pm to 9.00pm

                                       Saturday 15th August 2020... 8.30am to 10.15am

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