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  • It is important to read the schedule carefully as there will be some specific requirements to adhere to.

  • Size matters..... measurements given will normally be for the total width allowed.  All materials must be within that measurement.  Unless specified there is no height restriction but it is worth considering the balance and proportion of the finished exhibit.

  • An exhibit can be smaller than the specified measurements.

  • The judge will be looking closely at the 'mechanics' of the arrangement.  Basic containers, oasis, tape, wire, sticks etc., which are not part of the actualy display should be hidden from view at all angles.  This is probably one of the most difficult aspects of flower art but well worth working on as points will be deducted if the judge can see these items!

  • Accessories are a bit of a grey area.  Some judges do not like accessories, but at Cheriton Fitzpaine our rules allow exhibitors to express their interpretation of the class by using accessories in their displays.  However, the most important part of the display is the skilled used of flowers and foliage, and this will bring the most points.  Keep accessories to a minimum; use them to enhance the display without overpowering the natural materials.

  • If the class specifies a particular container eg., Basket, jug, glass, then one must be used, but keep it in proportion to the flowers and foliage.

  • We ask judges to make comments on exhibits which are intended to be helpful, not just a criticism.  Even seasoned exhibitors have something to learn!

  • If a class specifies 'foliage only' then no flowers OR flower buds are allowed.  It is acceptable to use flowering material but the flower heads and buds must be removed.

  • If a certain number of flowers are specified then they must be single blooms, not multi-headed.  If a certain number of colours are specified they must be single colours, not tinged or flecked with another colour.

  • If a class specifies 'Two Placements' it means two displays within the space allowed.  They should be separate but be linked in style and material.  One could be a smaller identical version of a larger display, for example.  

  • Don't get bogged down with the rules.....follow the basics and HAVE A GO!!  It can be fun and inspiring.  If you need help ASK.  None of us are professionals, we just enjoy taking part...

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