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                         AT THE AGM JANUARY 2023

                 Cheriton Fitzpaine Garden Club Constitution

1. “Cheriton Fitzpaine Garden Club” shall be the name of the organisation.

2. The object of the Club is to foster and promote an interest in Horticulture.

3. Membership is open to anyone aged 18 or over living in or around Cheriton Fitzpaine. (Special provision may be made from time to time for activities aimed at younger people who shall be accompanied by an appropriate adult.)

4. The Club will be governed by a committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Show Secretary.
The committee shall meet in person or electronically at least three times a year and minutes should be taken at these meetings. The committee has the power to co-opt up to three additional members, as necessary, to provide a programme of activities. Three members of the committee shall constitute a quorum for committee meetings. Help may be sought from the membership to organise a particular activity.

5. The committee shall open banking accounts on behalf of the club. All payments must be approved by 2 committee members. Any member may claim legitimate expenses. No one may take money from the club for personal gain. The treasurer shall prepare annual accounts which shall be verified by an independent examiner and presented to the AGM for approval.

6. The committee will be elected annually at the AGM. Two weeks’ notice will be given of the date of this meeting. Each member present shall be entitled to cast one vote and a quorum shall consist of ten members.
This meeting will also approve the Annual Accounts and receive reports on the activities of the club. In exceptional circumstances this meeting may be held electronically. The secretary should keep minutes of the meeting for approval at the next AGM.

7. An Annual Membership Fee will be charged and there may be additional charges for specific activities. Non-members may be invited to participate in activities on payment of an appropriate charge. The committee may raise funds by other means as appropriate for furthering the object of the club.

8. The committee may employ speakers and providers of goods and services as necessary to provide a range of activities.

9. Any complaint against a member should be dealt with at an EGM which may be called by at least 5 members. Two weeks’ notice of the date should be given.

10. If the club needs to close, this can be decided at an AGM or EGM. An EGM may be called by agreement of 5 members and two weeks’ notice must be given. A quorum shall consist of ten members. Each member present shall have one vote.

11. No one may gain financially from the closure of the club. Assets should be passed to other organisations in Cheriton Fitzpaine or other organisations with similar objectives.

12. Changes to this constitution can be made at an AGM.

Signed: Chairman            Dated: January 2023

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