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1.   TITLE

      The Club shall be known as The Cheriton Fitzpaine Garden Club.  Hereafter called 'The Club' 


      The objectives of the Club shall be:

      a.   the furtherance of all aspects of good Horticulture and related topics.


      b.   The support of charities connected with Horticulture and local organisations within the Parish of Cheriton              Fitzpaine.  These to be agreed or amended at an Annual General Meeting.


      In furtherance of the foregoing objectives, the Club shall have the following powers:

      a.   to promote lectures, discussions, visits, social events and shows as required.

      b.   to raise and maintain funds to achieve the above objectives.


      Membership shall be open to all those interested in any aspect of Horticulture.


      Subscriptions shall be paid annually and are due on 1st January each year, the rate to be determined                  annually at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).  (If the subscription is not received by 1st May, membership

      will be deemed to have lapsed)


      The management of the Club shall be vested in an Executive Committee ('the Committee') which shall be              elected at the AGM.  Nominations for election shall be received by the Secretary by the date of the meeting        held in November each year with the signed acceptance of the nominee.

      In the event of more than one nominee for a Committee post, nominees will leave the room, and voting                papers will be issued by tellers appointed by the outgoing Committee.  The tellers will then count the votes.          The nominees will be given the opportunity to vote.



a.        An AGM shall be held in January each year on a date and a place to be determined by the committee             for the purpose of: 

           i.      receiving the Chairman's report for the previous year.

          ii.      receiving from the Treasurer the scrutinised statement of account for the previous year.

         iii.      approving the Committee's recommended subscription for the coming year.

         iv.      announcing the result of the election of the Committee which shall now consist of:


                  a.      the Chairman

                  b.      the Vice Chairman 

                  c.      the Secretary

                  d.      the Treasurer

                  e.      the Show Secretary

                  f.       the Assistant Show Secretary

                  g.      The Programme Secretary

                  h.       The Publicity Officer

                  i.        2 Ordinary members

          v.      appointing the Outing Organiser(s)

         vi.      appointing the Safeguarding Officer

        vii.      conducting any other business placed on the Agenda.

       viii.      conducting any other business not on the Agenda relating to the conduct of the Club.


b.        Any items under Clause 7 (vii) for inclusion in the Agenda must reach the Secretary 21 days before the               meeting.   

c.        a quorum shall consist of 1/3rd of the current membership of the Club.


       An Extraordinary General Meering (EGM) shall be summoned when the Committee deems it necessary or           when requested, in writing to the Secretary, by at least 1/4 of the current membership of the Club and at             which only specified business may be transacted.  One calendar month's notice shall be given and the               quorum shall be the same as at an AGM.


       a.     Change of objectives, which shall be made at an AGM, shall be notified under Clause 7a(vi) for                         inclusion in the original Agenda and voted for by 2/3 of those present.

       b.     No alteration of amendment shall be made to the objectives in Clause 2 which would deprive the                       Club of its essential objectives.


        a.    All members of the Committee, whether Officers or Ordinary Members, are available for election                       annually for a maximum of 3 years.  Committee members may serve for a further period at the behest                 of the membership.

        b.     Any member of the Committee who resigns from the Committee shall, if an Office holder, be replaced                  from within the Committee.  If an Ordinary member, a new member shall be co-opted from within the                  membership of the Club to serve for the remainder of the maximum period.  The co-opted member is                    available for re-election.

        c.      Each member of the Committee shall have 1 vote, the Chairman a casting vote if needed an a                            quorum shall be 5 Committee members.

        d.      The Committee shall meet at least 4 times each year and shall be refunded expenses necessarily                         incurred on Club business.

11.   a.      THE PRESIDENT


                 i.        A president shall be elected after nomination and shall serve for a period of 2 years.  The                                   president may be invited to serve for a further 2 year period by the Committee and confirmed                             by election at an AGM.

                ii.        The position shall be Honorary and Advisory in content.  He/She may preside at a                                           Committee meeting and will preside at an AGM or EGM.

       b.      VICE PRESIDENTS

                i.         There may be up to 7 Vice Presidents. They shall be invited to the Office, which is Honorary                               by the President on the recommendations of the Committee at an AGM on the basis of past                                 services rendered to the Club.

               ii.         The Vice Presidents shall hold office for as long as they wish actively to serve.

              iii.         They may attend a Committee meeting in an advisory capacity but shall have no vote.  They                               shall have 1 vote at an AGM or EGM.  They shall pay the membership fee in force at the time.

       c.      LIFE MEMBERS

               i.           The President may propose, on the recommendation of the Committee, that a Club member is                              invited to become a Life member.

              ii.           The motion shall be approved at an AGM by a simple majority of the members present.

             iii.           The Life Member shall pay no membership fee and shall have 1 vote at an AGM or EGM.

              iv.           The number of Life members shall be limited to 6.

               v.           A Life member may exhibit at the Club's shows without payment of the membership or                                        entrance fee in force at the time.


              vi.          The Committee may propose Life Membership for an outgoing President if the President                                     chooses to accept.


        a.    The Club shall be organised on a non-profit making basis, although it shall be in order to accumulate                   funds for the purpose of maintaining the objectives of the Club.


        b.    The Treasurer shall be responsible for the accounts which shall be scrutinised annually.

        c.    The Financial Year shall be 1 November - 31 October.

        d.    The Scrutiniser shall be entitled to attend an AGM and may make observations as he/she may deem it                 advisable.

        e.    The Bank account shall be operated on the basis of the signatures of any 2 of the following Office                       holders:

               The President

               The Treasurer

               The Secretary

               Another member of the Committee (not related to any of the above).


               The names of these Office holders and their specimen signatures shall be notified to the Club's Bank                   after their election at an AGM. 


         f.    The Committee shall have the power to make investments in a recognised Bank or in Government                       Securities as they may decide.


         a.    No Honorarium shall be paid to any member.

         b.    A retiring gift may be given to any long service Committee member or President.  The amount shall                      not exceed the equivalent of 5 years membership fee at the current rate in force.

         c.    A leaving gift in recognition of special services to the Club may be given to any member as deemed                   appropriate by the Committee.  The amount shall not exceed the equivalent of 5 years membership                     fee at the current rate in force.


         a.    A notion to dissolve the Club may only be made at an Extraordinary General Meeting, summoned for                  the purpose, the quorum of which shall be 50% of the membership.  It will be carried if 75% of those                  present vote for dissolution.

         b.    If carried, any surplus of funds or assets shall be disposed of to such organisations as are compatible                  with Clause 2b.

         c.    No member shall benefit financially from the dissolution of the Club.


         The Constitution was approved at an Annual General Meeting on 1 December 2016 and is effective from           1 January 2017. 

          The Constitution has been validated and signed off 1 January 2022.





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